FIN2FIN is an organization with the goal of raising awareness about shark finning and educating people on shark’s roles globally and locally. Instead of targeting a global audience to bring an end to shark finning, FIN2FIN is educating people on a local level to show them the impact that can happen globally if we don’t protect this keystone marine species.

Oceanside Surf Club

Oceanside Surf Club is a lifestyle brand that exists to capture the combination of both street style and beach culture through the use of graphics inspired by well known California references such as The Endless Summer and Surfer Magazine.


E-Fuel is a charging station for electric vehicles with the goal of making charging stations more readily available and to promote the conversion to electric vehicles. Due to there being a limited amount of petroleum-based fuel remaining in the world, E-Fuel’s goal is to open charging stations in a variety of places to help promote the sustainability and other benefits of electric vehicles.

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