This is a collection of work that I've been working on as freelance or personnel projects since I've graduated. Most of it's based on my current interest or what I've seen while traveling.

10/22/2018— Yandhi Cover Illustration

I worked on this for a client to help them promote their playlist with the hype surrounding the release of Yandhi. Didn't take too long but I like the finished design.

8/13/2018— Moto Coffee Roasters Identity

These are some sketches and possible logo designs I did fora client. Moto Roasters is a coffee roasting company based out of Aurora, Illinois that deals with direct trade with coffee growers in Uganda. The marks draw influence from café racers which are smaller and customized motorcycles that people would race to other cafés for money.

8/5/2018— Sweatshirt & Jogger Pair

This is a pair of joggers and sweatshirt that I customized for myself. I looked to modern streetwear designs from my time in Hong Kong but gave it a bit of my personal twist. I’m still waiting for these to come out of production but I’ll upload photos once they do.

7/22/2018— Lasko Space Heater Mobile Interface

This is a rework I did of an old project that I was looking back on and knew I could improve. After going on the San Diego Design Trek, I was motivated to start fixing some UI/UX designs I’d previously worked on in myInterface Design class at SCAD. This on in particular is for a space heater so that users can adjust it to their liking through the mobile app.

7/12/2018— Dolazi Kući World Cup Jersey

I made these customize Croatia Jerseys for the World CupFinal because I always love going for the underdog. Some of the sayings on the jersey poke fun at England’s run in the tournament and the song “Football’s coming home.” Even though neither went on the lift the cup, I thought this jersey had more spunk and style than a rework of France’s.

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