Bar Toma


Bar Toma is a neighborhood pizzeria based out of Chicago known for its array of pies from Chef Tony Mantuano. Chef Tony has described his pies as the dough being the canvas and the toppings his medium, so it was only fitting that his cookbook is themed with quotes and mini-biographies of some of the greatest artists. The cookbook is filled with the recipes of the most popular pizzas so that people can experience the fun and flavors of Bar Toma and see the amount of work that goes into each pie.


The cookbook draws themes from traditional Italian cuisine as well as the personality of the pizzeria. Each recipe is paired with a famous artist based on similarities between the artist’s style and the pizza’s composition of toppings. There are also accompany-ing spreads that give background on the chef and his views on how pizza should be made. Overall, the cookbook’s main goal is to provide viewers with a fun how-to-guide on how to make Chef Tony’s famous pizzas.

Deliverables: Identity & Cookbook.

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